Anyone else ever type completely different words then they meant to? I’m not talking typing ‘on’ instead of ‘no’, or ‘they’ instead of ‘them’. I’m talking completely different.

I often type “because” instead of “people”, ‘either’ instead of ‘evil’, and other weird things like that. I don’t even know how I do these things??? I’ll be typing along, think “people”, mean to type ‘people’, not at all be thinking the word ‘because’, but write “because”?? It is a strange mystery.

Me: ah, yes. Home alone. I can do whatever I want!
Me: *turns TV up a couple notches*
Me: *watches YouTube videos without headphones*
Me: getting crazy up in here
he never actually apologized. he defended his actions and went more on about "censorship" and stuff. there was no real apology (at least from what i heard)

That’s what I heard, so I thought so.

Wish I had the patience for listening to a two hour video, but I think I’ll just take the word of all the many-many people who already watched it.


Does anyone know any animes that are, idk, normal/based mainly in reality? I don’t really care much for animes where they fight monsters, or robots, or ghosts, or go to different planets or stuff like that.

Kinda like Steins;Gate, or Welcome to the NHK, or Paranoia Agent. Even Death Note is a good example. So I don’t mean “Absolutely nothing weird can happen!!!!” I just mean, I like kinda normal life, weird things /can/ happen, but none of this “I NEED TO BECOME SOMEONE WHO FIGHTS SPIRITS AT NIGHT!!!”

Anyone know any good ones along those lines? I can be more specific if needed, but I think that’s pretty specific as is.

I have gotten some good recommendations, but they haven’t been quite what I was looking for. I normally don’t like high school animes. I also am not looking for romance animes. I like romance in animes, but not when that’s the focus. Also, I like some drama, but comedy as well. (Dark comedy is the best. I’m not really into constant goofy, everyone acting stupid kind of comedy) And the main character being a goof is the absolute best. (I don’t mean an annoying spaz, but just, light hearted and stuff?? I don’t care for main characters who are always serious, or angry and such) I’m just extremely, overly picky when it comes to animes lol.

Of course I DO like animes outside of what I’m looking for right now. I mean, a lot of what I said I don’t want, some of my absolute fav animes hav. But, right now I just happen to only be interested in a certain kind of ani

Also if, say, you know an anime I might like, but it’s a high school anime, feel free to suggest it. Or if it’s a romance anime but it sounds like it has everything else I’m looking for, let me know.

But, if it’s a goofy, romance, high school anime, where they just hang out and nothing out of the normal ever happens, that’s not what I want.

The main thing that’s important is that it’s “normal”, but weird? Like, Steins;Gate, they create a time machine, but everything else is based in reality. Or Welcome to the NHC. Nothing out of the normal ever happens expect for the delusions of the main character. Even Death Note where everything is based in reality, but then stuff that wouldn’t happen in real life goes on. But while there are invisible demons, and writing a name in a book kills people, life is still lived normally. Characters die from heart attacks and being shot. You get put in jail, you’re in jail. You die, you die.

Bahh, it’s just all so hard to explaiiin.


if you stare at me in public my self esteem will drop 100%


Barry and Arin ride the Ferris Wheel

Started watching Clannad. It seems alright, but holy fuck, who allowed these people to make such horrifying, monster-girls? They look like bugs. You would mistake them for cute with their profiles, then you see the front of their faces and HOLY SHIT WHY

jontron addressed the issue in the recent co-optional podcast.


He did? o3o He apologized, or what? The only podcast I know of he dug himself in a deeper hole and still didn’t genuinely say sorry. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t totally want to listen to a 2 hour podcast to know exactly though, lol

yo I've heard Hetalia Free! and daily lives of highschool boys are p good normal (ish) animes


I’m pretty into Hetalia and I like Free! a lot! <3 Daily Lives of Highschool Boys has always seemed really funny, so I’m definitely gunna check it out. <3

Also, I’m actually not that interested in high school animes like, 99% of the time, so, for other recommendations people have, ye. ;u;


And we’re the game grumps!